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How Does It Help?

NAD+ is essential for life. It is the key to maximizing how well and how long we live.

First, it turns nutrients into ATP (the energy currency of each cell). Second, it works with proteins to carry out essential biological processes such as:

DNA repair
Mitochondrial function
Maintaining chromosomal integrity
Gene expression
Epigenetic modifications
Posttranslational modifications
Calcium signaling

Some of the proteins that regulate these processes are called ‘sirtuins’ which regulate cell health, including cellular resistance to stressful conditions and aging. Sirtuins require NAD+ to function. However, NAD+ is reduced and converted to NADH once it transports electrons. Thus, our bodies need to continually synthesize NAD+. Herein lies the dilemma. Our bodies produce less and less NAD+ as we age.

Our NAD+ Infusions go directly to your bloodstream and begin to stimulate cell regeneration and brain restoration all while repairing DNA. With increased levels of NAD+ we can improve our energy, speed up metabolism, increase focus, improve mood, relieve stress and many more health benefits.

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